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Windows based diagnostic software for Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda vehicles.

For more than a decade of playing a leading role in the market for motor vehicles group VAG brand- diagnosis .
The Ross -Tech business policy in accordance with one free year of updates . To date, however, has not been any cost . The company reserves the right at any time to change that .

The M3 Auto Ltd VCDS HGJ the official Hungarian distributor . The translation of a program drawn up by Mr. Joseph Molnar . The most recent version of the current VCDS - downloadable version of HGJ side. The original American version of Uwe M. Ross develops . The latest English version can be downloaded from the following website : www.ross -

We, the M3 Auto Ltd. hungarian VCDS diagnostic suite official Hungarian distributor . The VCDS a PC-based automotive diagnostic software program that allows vehicles produced by the VAG group diagnosis . The VAG group in 1991 led to one of the first ISO - 9141 protocol and it has produced cars in electronic control units. The error code query , delete , and read the measured values ​​provides emergency assistance for car .

The latest version of VCDS diagnostic suite is a result of nearly five years of development . Respective most current version of the program from the internet for free download. The Hungarian version of the program works only on the interface bought from us ! Other international adapters purchased the program only works in DEMO mode ! The program interface supports the purchase of new vehicles for UDS diagnostic protocol , so the diagnosis of new motor vehicles is solved. (eg, new , published in 2009 Audi A4, A5 , A6, A8, Q5 , Q7 ) . The program recognizes all the protocols currently used by the VAG group .

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The program two types of couplers adapter cable:

Basic Package : 209 500 , - instead of HUF 170,180 now in action , - Ft
( Includes tárolókoffert , diagnostic cable and the software on a USB key )

Professional package: 276 860 , - instead of HUF 237,490 now in action , - Ft
( In addition to containing a large alapcsomagon tárolókoffert , a 2x2 adapter cable , an adapter cable for VW LT , and terminating an optical bus module. )

The prices given here are gross prices , that is included in the value-added tax ( VAT) !

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