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OP-COM, reliable Windows-based Opel diagnostic program

The OP -COM is a home-grown , fully Hungarian -language Windows-based diagnostic program that is now essential for the swift and accurate diagnose .

More than seven years of market plays a leading role in the independent brand Opel cars diagnostics .

The program updates are free for 1 year from date of purchase !
However, over the past seven years, has not been charged upgrade fee !
We reserve the right to make this change at any time in the future .

advantages :

    Reliable, fast operation
    Continuous improvement , upgrade
    Local development, fully Hungarian -language interface , no need szótárazni
    It helps to quickly diagnose the problem and the proper repair of motor vehicles
    Advanced User's Guide

  [Local ] opcomkep1_n.png [Local ] opcomkep2_n.png [Local ] opcomkep3_n.png [Local ] opcomkep4_n.png

A software package for most vehicles manufactured between 1991-2013 Opel diagnose .

USB port interface ( with CAN support) : 228 600 , - HUFt, now instead of action

USB port interface ( with CAN support) : 189 230 , - HUFt,

The prices given here are gross prices , that is included in the value-added tax ( VAT) !

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